#Freeappoftheweek - Process

Make it easy to find out what the Apple free App of the week is.

Overview     Process

Status Quo

Research into the established scenario. Fifteen users interviewed and six users interdependently taken through each scenario and timed.

01freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove


In response to the earlier research and identified pain points.

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Reliable sources

Using google searches and pre-existing knowledge a series of primary and secondary sources for information on the #freeappoftheweek were found. 

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Proposed input and output diagram

After the inputs and outputs were sourced I made the decision to use rss feeds as the medium for streamlining the #freeappoftheweek experience into one feed. In theory rss inputs are fed into ifttt a free web service that then pushes the collected data out to twitter, tumblr, a streamlined rss feed and a series of other optional notifications.

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Test service

The best way to test the service was to build a simplified version of it. After creating accounts with ifttt and twitter, feeds from the official Apple page were used to create a twitter linkup. I.e if apple tweets with info including the variable (X) then copy tweet and tweet out as applefreeapp. 

05freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Working prototype

Hello world!  ifttt was used to spot a specific phrase in the official Apple feed and then push out a tweet. Service tweaked further for some miss-fires.

working prototype- it works! ifttt used to spot a simple phrase in the official apple feed and then push out a tweet. service tweaked for miss-fires.

Visual design & branding

Apple kindly provides a icon grid for use when designing. In order link to the app store the blue gradient was used.

07freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Icon design & selection

A range of ideas across three directions mocked up using the Apple design grid as a base. Comparative process of elimination used to reduce the number of options.

08freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Final icon

Design tweaks made to align with the grid system and Apple gradient applied to the background.

09freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Issue 1 & Solution

 When tested over a three week period, Apple intermittently posted news of the #freeappoftheweek promotion. The solution... expand the service diagram to incorporate more inputs.

10freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Issues 2 & 3

2. Some irrelevant notification triggers.      3. Notifications coming too close together.

11freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

New service diagram

Buffer integration for time split posting. expanded output and notification types to make things as accessible as possible.

12freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Notification flow

Notification sign up process: simplified through a sign up page.

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14freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Notification instruction page

To make things as simple and as clear as possible.

15freeappoftheweek stivenskyrah designwithlove

Measured sucess

Comparison to aims and metrics.

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Overview     Process