Vspyshkus - Compact camera flash

An ultra compact camera flash that uses LED's to bring credit card levels of portability without sacrificing functionality

Vspyshkus brings camera flashes up to speed with the latest technological innovations to make them a super slimline, portable and functional object. The idea originally formed when looking a the back of an iPhone, to put it simply "if they can use an LED for that much light, can we transfer that to a professional setting?". After conducting research into the light spectrum, the norms of photography and the necessary light levels proof of concept was prototyped before the design was taken forwards and iterated with four professional photographers.

Released: February 2014 

Retail price: Estimated £25 (TBC)

Materials: ABS

Process: Injection molding with in Mold Decoration

Software / Tools: 3DS Max, Sketchbook Pro, Pen, Paper, Pencils, Cardboard, Makerbot, PLA FDM Print

Made for: Art. Lebedev Studio

Team: Artemy Lebedev, Timur Burbayev, Alexander Blagov, Alexey Dorokhin, Andrey Dukhov, Maxim Pavlukhin, Anastasia Prishchepa, Stiven Skyrah

Seamless fit

Uses the standardised shoehorn camera slot to be compatible with any camera from beginner to expert level. 


At any angle

With a balanced weight and friction joint the flash can be angled anywhere from vertical to horizontal for different lighting effects.  

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Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love) 
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
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