Patch Safety Filter

Patch Safety Filter

An easy way to find and order child and pet safe plants.

Patch is an amazing startup that helps you discover plants for your space, delivers them to your door and helps you look after them. They already had a great design system and CX in place, but I spotted an opportunity around animal and child safety, quickly mocked it up, tweeted it to them and they made it real. This project was literally 5m of my time, but has made buying plants for homes with pets and kids easier then it's ever been.

Released: June  2017

Retail price: Free web update

Materials: Pixels

Process: Tweeting

Software / Tools: Sketch, Principle, Keynote

Made for: Patch plants

Easy on, easy off.

A super simple way to filter from any browse page.


A video tutorial.

Patch put together a handy video tutorial for anyone who needs some extra info. 

Down to the detail.

Every product page lists out detailed information on every plant, including if they're safe around pets and children.


Across marketing materials.

The safe range is also frequently used in Patch's paper based and social media marketing.

Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love) 
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
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