A limited run t-shirt to support the french red cross after the terrorist attack in Paris, November 2015

The November 2015 Paris attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks that occurred on Friday 13 November 2015 in Paris, France and the city's northern suburb, Saint-Denis. Beginning at 21:16 CET, three suicide bombers struck outside the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, during a football match. This limited run of T-shirts was designed for the French Red Cross to raise funds for their response. 

Released: November 2015 

Retail price: £70 (profits went to charity)

Materials: Cotton, Vinyl, Vegetable based dye

Process: Vinyl print with hand finished dual dip-dye

Software / Tools: Illustrator, dylon

Made for: Soutenir croix-rouge

Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love) 
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
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