A collection of designs exploring the potential of re-functioning products to avoid landfill without losing material properties.

The culmination of my work work on the Art and Design Foundation Course at Bradford college Upcycling is effectively a move away from more abstract artworks towards a more design based practice.

The works are inspired by the likes of Tom Dixon and Ron Arad, and are an exploration of the redefinition of outdated or materials and products. Since 2009 Upcycling has become a much more explored topic, and indeed the processes and exploration of form here have become almost mainstream.

The collection covers everything from soft furnishings and Jewellery to pallet crates, and was used as an opportunity to explore materials, product life cycles and develop my understanding of form.

Released: June 2009 

Materials: Found materials and products including: T-shirts, ID Cards, Jumpers, Bus Tickets, Circuit Board Prints, Seatbelts, Audio Tapes, CD's, Hamster Ball, Colander, Wood, Milk Bottles, Jeans, Pallets, Security Tape, Cardboard Tubes, Tires, Records, Piping, Dyson Vacuum Parts, Lightbulbs, Books, Floppy Disks, Playing Cards, Dominoes, Keys, Cooling Chips, Expoxy Resin, Canon 450D

Process: Laser Cutting, Cutting, Sewing, Drilling, Routing, Band Sawing

Software / Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Apple Photo Printing. band Saw, Pillar Drill, Needle & Thread. 

Designed for you  (with love)

Designed for you  (with love) 
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
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