Ostrich pillow light

Making Ostrich Pillow easier to carry, less obtrusive to wear and better for performance power napping

Ostrich Pillow Light is the new travel-friendly model of the revolutionary Ostrich Pillow, which hit global media headlines in 2012.

Suggestions from thousands of supporters encouraged us to come up with this new easy-to-carry model, designed specially for commuters, frequent flyers and holidaymakers.

I worked with the team at Kawamura Ganjavian and Studio Banana in helping Ostrich Pillow Light become a reality. You can buy one today from Ostrichpillow.com.

Released: November 2013

Retail price: £28

Materials: Viscose Elastomer blend, Polystyrene microbeads

Process: Hand sewn and constructed

Software / Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro

Made for: Kawamura Ganjavian, Studio Banana Things

Team: Ali Ganjavian, Key KawamuraAna Huerta, Stiven Skyrah


Product Specs

31.5 x 16.5 x 7 (cm) / 12.4 x 6.5 x 3.9 (inches)


Polystyrene microbeads

Fabric: 95 % Viscose – 5% Elastomer

Super travel companion

Designed to be small and compact the light pillow integrates cleanly into travel and can be stored by popping it over a suitcase handle or a bag


Uniquely comfortable

Its unique design lends itself to be portable, comfortable, and totally adaptable to your comfort with the integrated fit adjuster. Together with the next generation coated microbead filling create a perfect partnership, helping you drift calmly into relaxation mode.

Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love) 
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
Designed for you  (with love)
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